Confidentiality prevents me from identifying the source of testimonials kindly provided after mediations have been concluded. All are from solicitors and barristers in cases I have mediated:

“Nick managed to help us to reach a settlement in a case that I was not convinced would settle without the court’s intervention.  My clients are delighted!”

“Nick handled the mediation with ease. He was extremely professional throughout, whilst making everyone feel relaxed, which no doubt assisted the parties in reaching the settlement that they did. He got to grips with the issues without any problems, encouraging the parties to focus their attention on the key areas of dispute. I wouldn’t hesitate using Nick again.”

“I have already referred Nick to a colleague for a mediation. I and my client were grateful for Nick’s on-going help following the close of the mediation”

“I must praise you for your professionalism and advice in this matter. This was what I thought would be a failed exercise but due to your pragmatism you pushed us together to wisely settle the matter.”

“Nick Parker proved to be an excellent mediator, involved with a difficult and complex inheritance tax claim”

“I must praise you for your professionalism and advice in this matter. This was what I thought would be a failed exercise but due to your pragmatism you pushed us together to wisely settle the matter. Thank you once again.”

“Thank you again for your hard work during the mediation, for which my client and I are very  appreciative. I will undoubtedly call upon you again and have already recommended your services to other solicitors.”

“Nick was both firm and sympathetic throughout the mediation and provided a skilled and patient service which enabled a reasonable settlement to be achieved.

“Nick was really approachable and worked very hard on the day to manage the parties expectations  and enable them to reach a settlement earlier in the day than I have ever managed before with a mediation. I would recommend his services as a mediator to others without hesitation.”

“Nick did exceptionally well with parties who started the process a long way apart. I was not optimistic about a successful mediation, but Nick’s measured and thoughtful approach achieved an outcome which was genuinely better for both sides.  I would highly recommend him for his style and the mediation skills he has.”

“Nick a great mediator and facilitated settlement in an extremely difficult situation.”

“Thank you Nick for not giving up on settlement and you hard work towards a result”

“Many thanks for your cool and calm help with this, much appreciated, and I was very impressed with the way you managed the day and the subsequent negotiations.”

“Mediation was a new venture for us and Nick explained the process in a very clear manner he answered  the questions that were posed to him making us feel at ease. He had read the very detailed information that had been given to him and his grasp of the case was outstanding, both parties were very entrenched in their positions with very little room to move, or so we thought. He reminded us all that mediation could achieve a solution that the court could not order allowing for some ‘out of the box’ proposals for discussion at the mediation. The mediation achieved a more realistic assessment of the case by the Claimant resulting in a substantial drop in the amount claimed. I would highly recommend”

“Nick’s communication before, during and after the mediation was first class. The dispute which related to the breakdown of a trading relationship which had lasted over 25 years had become lengthy and extremely hard to resolve. After a day of mediation and weeks of close contact from Nick, the parties reached an amicable resolution. I am confident that without Nick’s determination this would not have happened.”  to any other Local Authority or indeed any party going through a contract dispute.”

““I was impressed with Nick Parker’s energetic, hands on approach and his willingness to get to grips with the issues, challenge the parties and ask uncomfortable questions. He played an active part in helping the parties achieve a reasonable settlement. One of the best mediators I have seen.”