In-Person, Online & Telephone Mediation

While most mediations take place in meetings attended by parties and their representatives, it is also possible to mediate online or by telephone. This practice is more widespread following Covid-19.


Nick acts in online and telephone mediations for represented and unrepresented parties.


There are advantages in that travel time and cost is avoided by the parties and their representatives, as well as other potential savings such as venue hire. There can be potential disadvantages compared to attending a mediation in person, and Nick is happy to discuss arrangements and whether online or telephone mediation is suitable for your case.


Nick has found that certain adaptations are helpful, in terms of pre-mediation contact and testing software, exchange of position papers and documents, as well as ‘break-out’ time to avoid fatigue on the day.


Many people have undoubtedly become more adept and experienced with video conference calls as a consequence of Covid-19, and that may encourage the future use of online mediation in more cases.


In essence, online mediation involves the parties signing into Zoom, and enables an approach of a series of meetings attended by all participants (if required), or private sessions between one party, its representative and the mediator.


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