Through mediation and thanks to the sympathetic handling by Nick, a settlement was reached to the satisfaction of both parties, an outcome which I had not thought possible.” – Senior Partner, Patent Attorney – trademark and commercial supply contract dispute 

“Mediation was a new venture for us and Nick explained the process in a very clear manner he answered all the questions that were posed to him making us feel at ease. He had read the very detailed information that had been given to him and his grasp of the case was outstanding, both parties were very entrenched in their positions with very little room to move, or so we thought. He reminded us all that mediation could achieve a solution that the court could not order allowing for some ‘out of the box’ proposals for discussion at the mediation. The mediation achieved a more realistic assessment of the case by the Claimant resulting in a substantial drop in the amount claimed. I would highly recommend Nick to any other Local Authority or indeed any party going through a contract dispute.” Local authority solicitor.    

“Nick’s communication before, during and after the mediation was first class. The dispute which related to the breakdown of a trading relationship which had lasted over 25 years had become lengthy and extremely hard to resolve. After a day of mediation and weeks of close contact from Nick, the parties reached an amicable resolution. I am confident that without Nick’s determination this would not have happened.” – Partner in National Top 50 Law Firm, acting in an IP and commercial dispute

“Nick is a very skilled mediator. His detailed preparation put my clients at ease and helped to get the parties focused on narrowing down the issues in the dispute to their core elements. His calm attitude took the heat out of the situation and his skilful analysis of the options brought about a settlement in what had appeared beforehand to be a very difficult case to crack. The clients were both pleased and impressed with Nick’s work throughout the day.I would recommend Nick as a commercial mediator.” – Counsel, acting in a shareholder and commercial dispute

“I was impressed with Nick Parker’s energetic, hands on approach and his willingness to get to grips with the issues, challenge the parties and ask uncomfortable questions. He played an active part in helping the parties achieve a reasonable settlement. One of the best mediators I have seen.” – Consultant in Commercial Law Firm, Bristol.

“I was grateful to Nick for his calm approach to the problems which arose in the course of negotiations which was a significant factor in achieving  a satisfactory and fair settlement for our client at the end of a lengthy process. “ Partner, regional solicitors firm – land and succession dispute

 “Nick managed to help us to reach a settlement in a case that I was not convinced would settle without the court’s intervention.  My clients are delighted!” Partner, regional solicitors firm – land and inheritance dispute